the past few days have consisted of a lot of thinking, a lot of crafting, a lot of reorganizing,  a lot of friends, a lot of resting, and a lot of dreaming. i already have so much to look forward to in 2011…starting with a completely new blog with all new branding; having real conversation, forming real relationships & experiencing God in new ways on the tahoe trip; after 14 consecutive years, dancing my last dance performance with my best friends; graduating high school after 4 of the best years of my life; travelling the country, visiting friends & family in new places; having the privilege of both attending and shooting the weddings of some amazing people; & starting college–wherever that may be– in the fall, leaving the teensie town where i have lived my entire life.

Sometimes it is easy for me to just live my life in anticipation of the next event. While there will always be resolutions, changes, promises to work on throughout the year [eat healthier & run more, stop being addicted to facebook, read my bible at least every day] I think it’s more important to take things one day at a time. Instead of living for the major things, i need to start living for the in-between things. To look at my day & current situation and be thankful for it. To slow down and appreciate. To take time to dream up things I know God can fulfill & loving on the people that are in my life right now. Its the realization of things like these that get me excited for this new year.


Brittany Sweat umm that dog made me giggle out loud!! he is precious!!! and i’m excited to see your new blog! i’m in the process of doing something similiar- just not sure what I want yet?? so many decisions!! ahh love this inspiration though!!

haley 1. i so wish we lived closer. even just based on things you write, i can tell that our personalities would work together like in&out+pinkberry.
2. uhhhh GORGEOUS. love snow and old doors and poofypups.
3. exciting new branding! im clueless when it comes to anything of the sort. cannot wait!

kenziekate his name is napoleon & to say i was obsessed with him would be an understatement! ;)

branding=super confusing & overwhelming process! so with you there! :)

kenziekate 1. i am SO with you on that one. we could be the best of friends.
2. i seriously died every.single.morning.i.woke.up.
3. holy cramoly SUCH an overwhelming process! too many decisions…i promise i have absolutely NO idea what i am doing ;)

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