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when you return home from your first semester in college, you are constantly bombarded with “college questions”. what’s your favorite part about college? tell me about your classes. is it everything you thought it would be?  do you feel like you’ve changed? do you like it better than living in the valley? honestly, i usually opt for the fast & pleasing replies. i love it, the people are great, chapel is lovely, my classes are interesting, i’m so glad i chose it! before leaving for school, i was enthralled by college stories. i wanted details–i wanted my college friends to tell me e.ver.y.thing. now, i have found myself rattling off the same cliche responses that used to annoy me when i heard them from others. sometimes, my knee-jerk reaction is to say them just to get the endless college questions over with, but mostly, i answer so generally because i literally don’t know what else to say.

college is a complete different experience than anything i have experienced. as exciting as that statement may sound, it really isn’t. many aspects of my life are very different. many aspects of my life haven’t changed at all. i still have homework–just way, way more than i’ve been used to. i don’t dance in a formal setting–but i throw dance parties for myself all the time. i still drink tea while i edit–even though i’m editing papers much more often than i’m editing pictures. i still stay up late–usually later than any acceptable time in the floyd household. i’m still as indecisive as heck–i’ve changed my major twice already. i’m still surrounded by amazing people–people that are similar to ones at home, people that are completely different to ones at home, people that i never imagined would be a part of my life.

mostly, the past few months have been a blur. i can’t put my first semester into a tidy little response. i love college. i know that god placed me at apu for a purpose, & it’s exciting to strive to live in that purpose on the daily. i’ve encountered people that are impacting my life in huge ways & changing me as a person. college is hard. academically, emotionally, spiritually. attending a christian school is so much different from anything i have been used to. i’ve felt positives & i’ve felt negatives. god has revealed his faithfulness to me in insane, tangible ways. my perspective has changed in many different aspects of my life. i can feel my convictions & heart changing from what my parents, my friends, my church, my mentors have told me to believe… to what i believe. it’s exciting. college is all that you expect it to be–and nothing like you expect it to be. college is different. college is lonely at times. college is overwhelming at times. it’s exciting, crazy, hilarious, challenging, rewarding, fun, awkward (like, the majority of the time). and i’m only four months in.

listening to: jbieb’s christmas album, obviously.

reading: the girl with the dragon tattoo. i refuse to see the movie until i finish!

watching: grey’s anatomy, always. how i met your mother is a new obsession.

procrastinating: packing! the floyd fam is hitting up idaho tomorrow for an extended family christmas! fa la la!

thinking about: how 2011 is almost over..?! and christmas. urban sweaters. rearranging classes for next semester. olivia who is being awesome & loving children in india for two weeks!

looking forward to: floyd family christmas is tonight! three days early, huzzah!

dreading: laundering clothing before packing.

obsessing over: christmas cards! top five best parts of the christmas season, in my opinion.

wishing for: the ability to speak french. i cannot get enough of coeur de pirate.

quoting: MARCELL THE SHELL ALL DAY LONG. (i’m not even going to link that one, because you should know what it is.)

i am currently enjoying my three week break at home! filling it with cookies and sweaters and singing and friends and sleeping and netflix. it’s really quite lovely. i hope you have the happiest of christmases & merriest of holidays! xo

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