the lost disposable…

in july, i went on a week-long backpacking trip in the ansel adam’s wilderness. it was a cuh-razy, SO “not me”, out-of-my-comfort-zone experience. i never blogged about it….mostly because i feel like my stories are told better in person AND i lost my pictures. i brought two disposable cameras & carefully planned out what i would take pictures of during the entire trip…and then i lost them!! I recently came across one of them (the other is still MIA, sadface) & it was so exciting to get them developed…definitely brings back a ton of memories! these particular pictures are from the day we climbed sing peak. such a fun & craaazy (scary) experience. have fun looking at how cute we look after wearing the same thing/not showering for five days :)

on a different note–i switched up the look of my blog! for quite a while, i felt like my previous design wasn’t the right “feel” for me–it didn’t give off the type of vibe i wanted, wasn’t completely representative of me,  & wasn’t really pointing in the direction i wanted to take my business. i put off changing it because i feel like i change things too often. oh well, too late now! this past weekend i was house-sitting/playing mama with lauren & we decided to give our blogs little makeovers. i feel like this new design is more reflective of me!


olivia KENZIE!!! I love this.

hales a) cool davidson sweatshirt
b) ub-sessssed with yo new blog.
c) who knew disposables were this great? i love these.
d) you’re fabulous, my friend.

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