adventure is out there:: this will be really funny later

basically my motto of the past week. this will be really funny later.
i meaaaan….it kind of already is.

our semester ended, a huge majority of our group said their awful goodbyes & headed home on the dreadful journey back to the states, and our city life adventures began. a handful of us stayed back an additional eight days to live poor, hostel, city, walking and cheap taxi, no-plans and hardly-any-money (and sometimes no-blanket, no-hot-water, no-internet) lives in one of the prettiest cities in the world: cape town. it’s been a week of sleep and luggage EVERYWHERE and cheap food and nice people and celebrating my best friend’s birthday (and pretending to celebrate fake birthdays every other night) and not taking pictures (except for these and the rest of the time documented via polaroid) and exploring and independence and semi sketchy situations and paying for coffee with spare coins and embracing going with the flow. it’s actually been exactly what we needed–i could not be happier about my decision to stay back.

holla holla at the last few days abroad–the next time you hear from me i will most likely be hiding away in my bed in the danish capital of america (!!!!).


Kristyn AH. kenzzzzz these are awesome!!

Victoria Smith Kenzie, I’m IN LOVE with these photos!! So much, like you don’t even know.

Lexy Borroel Gahh I can’t believe you’re coming home already!!!! Have safe travels. Can’t wait to see you and hear about everything!!!! Much love :)

Lillian Rachel Your photos are always so rich and beautiful, I love them so much. Wonderful.


Megan Kristine Your photographs are just so fab, Kenzie!

Kendra this is just awesome and full of life.

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