i was that churchy, creative, teacher’s-pet kid with glasses and a ton of allergies who liked to sit inside to read during recess. in second grade, Mrs Roberts let me opt out of science lessons to make 3d objects out of tape and computer paper to gift other students in the class. while this probably directly correlates with me struggling to pass Bio 101 in my senior year of college, it also instilled a creative confidence and independence in me, and taught me at an impressionable age that an interest in art is valid, important, and positive. i picked up a camera at age 14, began photographing kids i babysat, shot my first wedding at 16 and haven’t stopped since. i went to school for studio art, ended up getting a degree in sociology, and have since stuck around in los angeles.

i’m very into ramen, hospitality, books, sarcasm, analyzing personality tests (enneagram 4! ISFP!!), public transportation, bougainvillea bushes, netflix documentaries, whiskey sours, black outfits with funky earrings, shadowy white walls, and plan-free travels with my girlfriend. i daydream about being a wrinkly, old, tattooed lady teaching literature to highschoolers. (i also daydream about my landlord letting me have a dog). i’ve fought for years against the idea of me being a wedding photographer, and why it is that i do this (you can read a lot of my thought process here), but at the end of the day, it is the thing that i can’t run from. i am positive that being entrusted with stories and making art with other people is what i’m supposed to be doing, and i would not change a thing.

my work is contextual and photojournalistic in approach; i want it to be gutteral and honest. my focus is on candid emotion over any specific pose, portrait set-up, or timeline. i would much rather photograph you like a friend the room, than a removed vendor you feel vaguely uncomfortable around. i can guarantee that i will use “too many” exclamation points in our emails, cry at your ceremony, and put down my camera to dance with you to Drunk in Love


attempting to not just look, but see.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 10.16.45 PM

i’m truly humbled to have you here! my hope is that you find commonalities, magic, challenge, and that you will see people in a powerfully different, more beautiful way.


Ana I really love your pictures!!! I’m currently a junior in high school and was wondering how much the cost was… just for future refrences!!! :) I was also wondering what type of camera you use and how you get these pictures to come out so great!!! Keep doing what you do! :)
Thank you,

Katie As mentioned when I saw you last, you have such an incredible gift Kenzie. Your creativity and your talent and your ability to capture life’s treasured moments so beautifully is inspiring. Browsing through your photos instantly brings a smile to my face. Wishing you endless success and may you continue to love and be as passionate about photography years and years from now as you are today. Keep it up doll!
Much love,
Your cousin Katie

Dana Hi Kenzie – I saw you on the NPP Group. This about me page is utterly adorable! At just 17 you are pretty amazing! Keep up the great work!

Cheyenne You are so talented!

Jaime Patterson I love your heart and this story ((hug))

rachelle i loved reading about your heart. it was challenging, convicting and heart warming. i love your transparency!!

emily you are amazing kenzie! truly beautiful inside and out. You’ve always been such an inspiring friend, and I feel honored to have you as a part of my life. love you always

hales you are a gem, kenz. your heart is beautiful and your pictures reflect that in crazy cool ways, and you’re gonna freaking CHANGE.THE.WORLD. i love the heck out of you!

Meggan Johnson I love your heart – how deeply you care for this broken world….moving and inspiring. Thank you for illuminating our wedding with your delight.<3

Heather Molina You are precious. <3

Brittany Your heart… so so so huge.
The impact you will make on this world… huger ;)

Shelly My daughter is my one and only. She and I go waaaay back, as I’ve been her mom for almost 18 years now. For almost all of that time, I’ve been a single mom and she’s been a very only child – strong, resilient and perfectly balanced between two households (fortunately she’s a Libra). She plays soccer with her friend Natalie Yamasaki, that’s how we found out about you. The photos were beautiful, and so Natalie. Due to financial limitations, this will be the first time I have had professional pics taken of Caroline since she was a baby – will you do me the honor of taking them, and please, please, please capture her special nature for me? :)

Jacqlynn Murphy Who God made you to be, what he has planned for your future, where he has you now. It’s all a beautiful picture, and just a pure joy to be apart of. You’re amazing!!!

Elayna Ah Puck Sorry for creeping, Kenzie, but I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful heart! I am beyond excited to be walking the grounds of South Africa, hearing stories, serving people, and being blown away by whatever God is doing…WITH YOU! I also love that you’re a soc major, and I can’t wait to wrestle with solving social issues and brokenness in the world with you these next two years! <3

Kelly Rose Hi Kenzie! I just came across some of your work, and I have to say I’m in love with your style. I’m just getting into photography, and I was wondering what kind of camera and equipment/editing do you use? It would be awesome if you could do an “In My Camera Bag” post or something along those lines! You seem like a lovely person, keep up the good work :)

Amanda Browning the pictures you post on here are amazing. i fell in love with all of them. you are one amazing photographer

Kristyn love this! such a lovely description of you. :)

Christy Mroz Could you tell me please how I order photos 805 448 8549

Lauren Hello! I just wanted to say that I think your photos are beautiful and so full of joy! I was wondering what kind of camera and lenses you use? I am also a photographer and was curious. Love love love your work!

Grace I found your lovely work through Our Creative Life and was thrilled to find a California based photographer. Your work is absolutely lovely + your heart for life is absolutely beautiful! It would be awesome to someday connect over coffee if you ever find yourself in the Central Coast. ;) xx

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